Hello This is Diana

I created Lulou Bijoux to make meaningful jewellery, as unique as your story. Here’s why.

Quirky and cute: that’s the jewellery I wanted as a teenager, but couldn’t find back home in Romania. Luckily, my always grumpy dad could build or fix anything and everything, and got to help his nagging daughter in her attempts to create fashion pieces. Necklaces out of key chains, earrings out of doilies and buttons, rings out of lego cubes, everything in the house was labelled ‘could become something else’, and my dad was my accomplice.


Years after his passing, I still use his tools to handcraft my creations because we all need to stay connected to memories, emotions that shape us and nurture our creativity. I design colourful and cute jewellery that will make you feel and bring you joy, a playfulness that never misses to provoke a smile. Every single piece that I make takes you on that journey, to remember something from your own story.


The best thing about my jewellery? I can personalise pretty much anything so that your next piece is extra special, really just for you.


Today, Lulou is me and also my other half, a French boy who happens to also be a talented photographer. We work from our little seaside flat in Brighton, and are so glad to share this adventure with you!


Thank you for being part of my story